Richard Burke – Production Specialist, OPEX Site Lead at Teva Baldoyle

    • Richard Burke – Production Specialist, OPEX Site Lead at Teva Baldoyle's presentations

    Richard has over 27 years’ experience working in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Richard has worked in a variety of roles, studied in Limerick University (MSc Lean Leadership), and holds the position of Production Specialist / Site OPEX Lead, at Forest Tosara Ltd (Part of the Teva Group). Creating a Culture of engagement, identifying waste, and encouraging associates improve their work, brings great satisfaction to his role.



    Title: Change Culture and Continuous Improvement Journey at Forest Tosara Ltd.

    Synopsis: My presentation will describe our Change Culture and Continuous Improvement journey which commenced back in 2009, with the growth of Sudocrem as a globally recognized product. Annual sales were growing at a rate of 10% annually; with on average three new markets year on year.

    Forest Tosara Ltd had to change from the Traditional model, to a Lean model, ensuring flow of product throughout the business reaching our customer on time in full. In order for the organization to pursue its Lean Journey, it was important to share its Strategic Deployment, and Vision with all staff. A change in culture and mindsets on a daily basis would need to happen very quickly. Internal employee pulse surveys (VOC’s), lead us to recognise that we not only focus on results, but also on the behaviours and principles that achieve these results.

    Adopting the universally accepted principles as described within the Shingo Model for Operational Excellence, would give the direction and sustainability in achieving this goal.


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