PJ Moloney – Co-Founder, Chief Scientific Officer & Director, P4ML

  • PJ Moloney is a Chemist. He holds Bachelor Degrees in Pharmaceutical Science.

    His experience in the Chemical Analysis and Life Sciences industries has seen PJ excel in both multinationals and his own respective companies.

    Having worked with TEVA Pharmaceuticals, he covered all core areas in the Pharmaceutical Industry from Raw materials; In-Process; Finish Products and Stability. Core areas of expertise was in technology transfer from the Israeli and Jerusalem in TEVA on breast cancer products (Tamoxifen & Misoprostol), where new equipment technologies and methods were brought into the Irish site.

    Moving on from the Pharmaceutical Industry, he joined Agilent Technologies as their first Chromatography & Method Development Manager in Ireland. Over a 4 year period, PJ implemented 47 new pharmaceutical methods in areas of (Gas Chromatography; Liquid Chromatography & Mass Spectrometry). Notable achievements which the organisation recognised globally was a combined method for ‘Residual Solvent Analysis in Pharmaceuticals’ & ‘Global Cleaning

    Validation Method’, which was deployed across all Merck Sharp & Dohme sites globally. Major client accounts that PJ managed from a global perspective were Eli Lilly, Amgen, PPD, MSD, Abbott, GSK, Pfizer, and EuroFins amongst others.

    In 2013, PJ established EireChrom Ltd who provides end-to-end mass spectrometry solutions and is the market leader in Ireland. It is an advanced separations science technique that has uses within the chemical analysis and life sciences sectors. EireChrom provides bespoke client solutions, delivered by highly qualified industry experts. These services include chromatography, column chemistries, mass spectrometry, method development, sample preparation, training, consultancy and R&D. The markets EireChrom serve include bio-pharmaceuticals, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, clinical diagnostics, drug discovery and development, environmental testing, food and beverage testing, and forensic toxicology.

    Notable achievements include winning the following accolades:

    • 2016 SFA award for Outstanding Small Business in Ireland
    • Irish Laboratory Awards – Young Leader of the Year 2016
    • Enterprise Ireland – InnovationArena@NPA, Winners of Design & Agri Sustainability Awards

    Please refer to (https://www.eirechrom.ie/our-team/our-awards-and-accolades)

    During his career, PJ has excelled as a globally recognised subject matter expert in the areas of drug discovery and development. With Public and Private Tenders won by EireChrom Ltd for fields of science in Drugs of Abuse Testing; Food Adulteration; Biopharmaceutical Characterisation and Immunosuppressant Analysis. PJ has a vast range of expertise across a multidisciplinary industry which is the chemical analysis and life sciences industry.



    Title: Realising the promise of personalised medicine

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