Philippe Brodeur – CEO and Founder, Overcast

  • Philippe Brodeur is the CEO and Founder of Overcast (  It’s the first cloud based video asset management platform designed for professionals who are sick and tired of wrestling to store, share, distribute and most importantly collaborate on video content.  Stop fiddling with Dropbox, Wetransfer, memory sticks and hundreds of emails – just use Overcast.

    Philippe has 25 years’ experience working in TV and online video.  He started his career in London with the BBC before moving to Ireland in the late 90s to help launch TV3.  In 2007 he founded and went on to build a number of digital video platforms for broadcasters, telecom operators, media publishers and brands.

    Philippe is a guest lecturer with the Digital Marketing Institute, the Entertainment Masterclass and a regular speaker on the future of digital video.



    Title: Local Insight, Global Ambition, Universal Standard – a case study with Overcast

    Synopsis: YouTube solved challenges around consumer video distribution 12 years ago.  Since then, broadcasters, broadcast vendors and digital behemoths have worked to solve challenges around business video distribution.  But as Gartner points out, there is still no enterprise YouTube.  With more than 600 video file formats, multiple streaming formats and literally thousands of different devices to stream to – it seems the market is becoming ever more fragmented.  The industry is ripe for disruption.

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