Michelle Marsh – International Training Manager, Therapie Clinic

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    As the International Training Manager for Europe’s leading laser company, my role is not only fast paced and exciting but extremely rewarding.

    At Therapie, our business model is solely 5 Star – this incorporates 5* treatments, 5* results using the leading global based technologies and, most importantly, 5* customer service.


    To say “I love what I do” would be an understatement to – to me, my job is my hobby.

    Being the person to mould budding new team members into their best selves and to start their journey’s on the Therapie Career ladder is an amazing role to be in and I never fail to be humbled and appreciate my position.


    Title: The importance or training and upskilling staff in order to stay ahead of an ever advancing industry

    Synopsis: This talk will be aimed at highlighting and showcasing the importance of finding out staff potential, staff motivators and employee ambition in order to provide constant upskilling. We will discuss the initial training and how important this is which will will lead into staff retention and building staff education of treatment portfolio. We should never fail to neglect the importance of staff and to nurture their drive –  to not only maintain staff moral but to maintain the highest standards of a loyal, creative and hardworking employee base.

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