Marie Wallace – Analytics Strategist and Solution Architect, IBM

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    Marie Wallace is an Analytics Strategist and Solution Architect for IBM having spent more than a decade building analytics technologies which today underpin such solutions as IBM Watson. In recent years Marie’s primary focus has been on the analysis of human data to deliver smarter, personalized and contextualized solutions for individuals and organizations. Marie is a globally recognized thought leader, with an active social media presence and popular blog,


    Title: Humanizing Analytics; putting society at the centre of AI innovation

    Synopsis: As technology becomes more deeply embedded into society and analytics becomes more powerful and more personal, we will have an opportunity to capture human context, at a global level as its happening, and generate insights that will completely transform the human digital experience. This talk will explore the human side of data and analytics; the opportunity, the positive impact that could be realized, and why Ireland is uniquely positioned to lead, while also raising questions of trust, privacy, ownership, the economics of data, and resulting power struggle.


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