Karen Brennan – Advanced Nurse Practitioner , HSE

  • Karen has been chairperson of the Irish Association of Advanced Nurse Midwife Practitioners since 2014, promoting Advanced Nurse Midwifery practice at a national and International level. For the past 11 years she has worked in the Emergency Department of South Tipperary General Hospital. A graduate of Trinity College, Karen’s qualifications include a Postgraduate diploma in clinical practice and an MSc degree. She is a registered Nurse tutor and a registered Nurse Prescriber in both ionising radiation and medicinal products. Her career includes a three year term as clinical facilitator in Emergency Nursing in University Hospital Waterford and Waterford Institute of technology. She is an honorary teaching associate with the Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland.



    Title: The Role of the Irish Advanced Nurse/ Midwife

    Synopsis: Advanced nurse practice roles have been evolving in Ireland over the past 21 years. Advanced Nursing / Midwifery Practice (ANP /AMP), refers to a level of practice that maximises the use of experienced nursing skill and knowledge in meeting the requirements of the health service user.

    Today there are over 40 specialist areas of practice all of which have been developed in response to patient / client and service need. The ANP/AMP is educated to Masters degree level. The health care needs of the service user are provided for through advanced assessment, diagnostic, treatment and evaluation skills. Clinical Practice is both independent and collaborative. The reality in practice is that the introduction of these roles has resulted in an equitable quality patient focused service. Waiting times have been reduced, with a reciprocal increase in patient satisfaction. Equally important these roles have provided professional development opportunities for nurses who wished to remain in the clinical area.

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