Dr Tim Yeomans – Centre Manager, Shannon Applied Biotechnology Centre

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    Dr Tim Yeomans is the Centre Manager for Shannon Applied Biotechnology Centre, a collaboration between Limerick Institute of Technology and the Institute of Technology, Tralee. Tim holds a PhD in Microbiology and postgraduate qualifications in Technology Commercialisation and Innovation Management. Tim is responsible for the scientific direction of the Centre, intellectual property management and business and technology development.



    Title: Driving innovation through diversity

    Synopsis: Diversity is essential for innovation, to bring together different ways of thinking, different backgrounds, people and technologies. While routine and predictive processes can be more comfortable, diversity and doing things differently is crucial in order for companies and organisations to be successful. Shannon ABC is a Technology Gateway that works with companies to help them solve scientific and technical challenges. Shannon ABC has developed significant platform based expertise in bioresources. This expertise can be applied to a range of sectors, including biotechnology, cosmetics, food, nutraceuticals, agriculture, textiles, marine, bio/pharma. While this diversity of sectors can often drive researchers outside of their comfort zone, it can deliver significant benefits for our client companies. We will provide examples of how expertise and knowledge, based across diverse sectors, has delivered results for Irish companies.

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