Dr. Joe Mac Aree – MD, JMA Consulting

  • Dr. Joe MacAree is a leading business psychologist specialising in executive leadership coaching and high-performance team building. Having worked in innovative start-ups and large multinational companies he understands the growth trajectory for entrepreneurs seeking to build successful, innovative and sustainable businesses through the talented people they attract, inspire and motivate.



    Title:  Leading High-Performance Teams

    Synopsis: Successful entrepreneurs often start out as ‘lone wolves’ or in small partnerships of 2/3 people who have an innovative idea that hits the market at the right time.  This talk focuses on the transition entrepreneurs can make to become Leaders.  It explores what successful organisational leadership looks like and the ability of leaders to attract, develop and grow high performance teams.  It explores the new research emerging from neuropsychology on how to lead others in change and how to energise, galvanise and inspire teams while remaining agile in approach.


    The key takeaways will be:

    • Understanding organisational leadership and how I can grow my personal leadership style beyond my entrepreneurial talent.
    • Recognising the value others can bring to me as part of a senior leadership team
    • Hints and tips for motivating teams
    • Hints and tips on how to inspire others through change leadership


    The topic is likely to be of interest to executives interested in leadership, change and team building and is geared towards the growth of start-ups as they acquire and manage talent.

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