Christian Pinto – Research Scientist, High Performance Systems group, IBM Research – Ireland

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    Christian Pinto holds a PhD in Informatics and Electronics Engineering (2015) and has been involved in various research activities on high performance computing systems, embedded systems and virtualization technologies. He recently joined IBM Research – Ireland in the High Performance Systems group to work on disrupting Cloud Computing technologies and Artificial Intelligence.



    Title: IBM Research – Ireland, European industrial hub for Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive technologies

    Synopsis: Artificial Intelligence is expected to play a tremendous role in our lives by creating disruptions in industrial applications, environmental control, health care, transportation and aging among others. This is also confirmed by the unprecedented investment done by the European Commission on Artificial intelligence within the Horizon 2020 framework. IBM is a global leader in Artificial intelligence and Cognitive technologies such as, but not limited to, automated reasoning, unstructured data understanding and natural language understanding, delivered via the IBM Watson platform. Here at IBM Research – Ireland laboratories we have accepted the European challenge by playing a central role in the definition of a Europe-wide Artificial Intelligence platform, gathering together all the main European industrial and academic players of the Artificial Intelligence landscape. Such commitment enforces the leading position of IBM in the market of AI and Cognitive solutions, and contributes in strengthening the position of Ireland as a hub of excellence in Research and Innovation. This presentation will drive the audience through some of the exciting research work on Artificial Intelligence carried out at IBM Dublin Research Lab.

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