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    Chloe Leddy is a graduate of B.Sc. Sport Science and Health from Dublin City University. In her final year, she specialized in the area of sport performance analysis, biomechanics and musculoskeletal injuries. After graduation, she lived in London where she studied Personal Training for one year. She now works as a Sport Centre Specialist at The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.


    Title: Health, Fitness and Youth Populations: A Balanced Approach

    Synopsis: I would like to talk about health and fitness from a multi-dimensional point of view. The fitness industry has become riddled with trends and is ever-changing. As health professionals, we have a responsibility to mindfully promote health and fitness to the young populations we are presented with. Health should be promoted in such a way that enhances the psychological, social and physical well-being of youths with long-lasting effect. The popularity and advances of social media platforms in today’s society make it increasingly easier for companies to advertise and reach young audiences who may be vulnerable to become misinformed and manipulated with one-sided approaches to fitness.

    I hope to touch on the following topics:

    • Influences of social media on young people’s perspectives, attitudes, and behaviours toward health and fitness.
    • Fitness and health from a multidimensional viewpoint.
    • Healthy eating for the mind and body.
    • What we as health professionals can do to promote health in a way that enhances positive outcomes in young people’s lives.


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