Barry Fitzgerald – Senior Research Fellow, Limerick Institute of Technology

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    Barry Fitzgerald is a Senior Research Fellow at Limerick Institute of Technology. An electronic engineer with a background in the technology sector, he currently manages INCASE, an innovation partnership between LIT, Vistamed Limited and Cook Medical Limited. He is also completing a PhD in the application of machine learning to flash memory.



    Title:  INtelligent Cognitive Assisitance SystEm (INCASE): An Innovation Partnership

    Synopsis: The latest trends in Information & Communication Technology (ICT), automation and production, collectively referred to as Industry 4.0, are chaning the way global manufacturing is developing. The “fourth industrial revolution” takes advantage of multiple state of the art technologies that have significantly evolved in the last few years. Such technologies include: additive manufacturing (3D printing), cloud computing, big data & analystics, autonomous robots, cyber physical systems and Internet of Things (IoT).

    This project is an innovation partnership between Limerick Institute of Technology and two leading medical devices companies: Vistamed Ltd and Cook Medical Ltd. The goal of the project is to translate the true ethos of Industry 4.0 into a working manufacturing quality improvement tool. Vistamed and Cook Medical are prime candidates for the benefits associated with such a manufacturing evolution. Their assembly operations are currently performed exclusively by humans, with some auxiliary tools such as microscopes and hydraulic processes. Although the human workers are a key piece to this manufacturing process, repetitive and complex assembly tasks for a large range of products are prone to errors. The aim is to deliver operator success by eliminating the opportunity for errors, thereby achieving reliability improvements and cost reduction.

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