Dolmen is a creative design and innovation consultancy.

We consistently develop IP and patent rich product designs that are technically excellent, world class, award winning and deliver significant impact to the bottom line.

We use proven methodologies to help R&D and Research teams understand their research in a commercial context, quantifying impact, and understanding the end user better in order to deliver the best possible return on investment.

We work in the areas of Medical, ICT, FMCG, Green-tech, universal design and wearable technologies. We work with multi-nationals, dynamic SME’s and entrepreneurs to design and deliver better, leaner technical solutions. We have long standing partnerships with associations, universities and industry specialists from around the world.

We are an accumulation of 24 years of experience and knowledge that has delivered multiple awards and patents. We are a talented and experienced team and a global ecosystem of partners and suppliers. We have an approach that brings creativity, technical excellence and design thinking to help you to understand your customer better so that we can deliver world class products and services that deliver quantifiable impact.

We make ideas work.

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