William O’Halloran- Chairperson, Leave No Trace Ireland

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    The relevance of research within Leave No Trace Ireland.

    Presentation Synopsis:

     About Leave No Trace in Ireland
     Why research is needed to underpin the Leave No Trace message in Ireland
     Some examples of how we carry out research in Leave No Trace Ireland
     The importance of research being supported by our volunteers and partners


    Speaker Bio:

    William O Halloran started teaching Leave No Trace skills and ethics throughout Ireland in 2007 and has been a Leave No Trace advanced trainer since 2008. As a Leave No Trace volunteer, he has been an active member of the Leave No Trace Education and Advisory Group (EAG) since 2012, a member of the board of directors since 2013 and chairperson of the Leave No Trace Research Group since its establishment in 2014. William’s academic qualifications include an MSc in Ecological Assessment, a BA in Outdoor Education and a degree in Business Studies in Outdoor Education and Leisure. William embarked on a career in Ireland’s outdoor education industry in 2001, operating in various outdoor education and adventure centres, before eventually setting up his own company in 2009 called ‘Will and Away’, with a focus on ‘developing people through nature’ by providing top quality activities in beautiful natural settings that inspire an appreciation, respect and understanding of our natural environment. He’s a qualified and experienced instructor and guide in bush craft and survival skills, climbing and mountaineering and water sports such as canoeing, kayaking and surfing. Since 2012, William has been working with South and East Cork Area Development (SECAD) in assisting communities to develop outdoor recreation projects such as walking trails and water based trails. From 2014, Williams’s role with the company evolved into working on projects related to local biodiversity enhancement and this work involves working closely with a team of Tús Scheme participants. Some examples of SECAD biodiversity projects include habitat restoration, wildflower meadow creation, invasive species management and monitoring of pollinator species. William represents SECAD as a current board member of Leave No Trace Ireland and he does so as part of a partnership agreement between both organisations. In an additional role, William works for the Community-Academic Research Links (CARL) Initiative in University College Cork (UCC). CARL uses the Community Based Research approach, also known as the ‘Science Shop’ model, to provide independent research support to Civil Society Organisations. William has previously worked with the National Parks and Wildlife service and with youth work organisations such as Foióige and YAP Ireland.

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