Rory MacHale – Chief Technology Officer, Iricent

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    Rory MacHale has more than thirty years of international experience in the telecommunications industry, working with companies as varied as Eigensolve, Ammeon, Logica/Aldiscon, Softech Telecom and Siemens AG in Munich. Initially a software developer, Rory transitioned quickly into design and software architecture roles in public telecommunications, progressing to product and presales management. Rory held the post of Chief Technology Officer in his last two engagements, including ten years at Ammeon. Rory has also held a number of senior industry positions both as a director and technical committee chairperson of the Open Mobile Alliance and steering committee member of the Multimedia Messaging Interoperability Group. Rory has a BE(Hons) / Electronic Engineering from University College, Dublin.

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    The road to innovation requires multiple tactics.

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    Iricent helps service providers take advantage of the scalability and flexibility offered by Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV). To address this emerging market, we have taken three different approaches to the delivery of innovative solutions, each dealing with the varying nature of the opportunities presented. In one case we are taking a partnership approach, building an innovative service offering from emerging product bases. In another, we are developing our own product, by leveraging a partnership with an Irish Research and Innovation centre. In the third case, we are provide innovation in the form of our specialist consulting and integration services to an industry sector which is rapidly transforming.


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