Roisin Bell – MD & Owner, KnowledgeWorks

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    Roisin Bell has fifteen years’ experience as a consultant and as a successful entrepreneur and has been collaborating with Real Insights on projects for almost a decade.

    Roisin set up KnowledgeWorks, her own market analysis consultancy, in 2001, and won the Mallin Invent Start-Up of the Year Award in 2003.

    Roisin’s experience is across a wide range of business sectors: from software and technology to manufacturing, the arts and financial services: from start-ups to growing businesses, always bringing an objective perspective to the client’s business and market.

    KnowledgeWorks uses what it calls the three pillars of secondary research: market sizing and valuation, trends and external environment, and competitive analysis as the basis of most projects. The goal is to deliver high-impact market intelligence and to work with the client to strategise in full an understanding of the market in which they are operating.

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    Validating your concept / proposition

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    How can you be sure your idea or new product is commercially feasible? What are the trends in your market? The regulatory issues, the demographic and consumer trends that could have a deep impact on your business? Who are your customers? Will they, and can they pay? Can you beat your competitors? What do your proposed end-users and target market think of your proposed new product or idea? So what do you do with all this information to build a sustainable business plan for success?

    These are the questions that can be answered using secondary and primary research. Real Insights and award winning firm KnowledgeWorks are the leading specialists in this area in Ireland and have worked together for over a decade: we’ve saved many businesses from costly mistakes, we’ve pointed out previously unidentified competitors and we’ve tested and changed business models to ones that will work. We’ve also pointed developing businesses in the right direction for profitable expansion as well as helped established businesses identify and capitalise on new opportunities for growth.

    Market research and analysis can reveal opportunities or point out costly mistakes. Ignore it at your peril. Real Insights and KnowledgeWorks have over 35 years combined cross sectoral experience.

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