Rodger O’Connor- Gas Networks

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    Innovation in the Irish Energy Sector.

    Presentation Synopsis:
    With increasing energy import costs, a drive to reduce emissions and a movement towards more sustainable ways of doing business there comes the opportunity to embrace new practices, new technologies and new solutions through innovation. GNI are seeking to foster innovation in the Irish Energy Sector by supporting the research and deployment of sustainable gas solutions. Through the Innovation Fund, GNI support the search for new ways to generate sustainable gas, promote new technologies and identify alternative sectors for sustainable growth in Ireland. The actions currently supported by GNI include research into biogas production in Ireland and the deployment of gas as a transport fuel. Through this presentation GNI will explore the opportunities for innovation in the Irish Energy Sector in terms of scale and technological area.

    Speaker Bio:

    Rodger has worked with GNI since January 2011. He joined the Innovation team in 2014. As Chartered Engineer with Engineers Ireland and with a Masters in Sustainable and Renewable Energy and experience as a consultant engineer, an energy consultant, BER assessor and in innovation commercialisation. Rodger plays a leading role in promoting innovation in the Irish gas energy sector through his role in Gas Networks Ireland and his involvement with the Gas Innovation Group. In addition to promoting sustainable energy Rodger enjoys long distance running, DIY and repairing classic cars.

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