Richard Hamerton-Stove – Senior Principal, Digital Transformation, Infosys Consulting

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    Speaker Bio:

    Richard has worked as a consultant for a number of years on both sides of the Atlantic. He experienced the first boom in 2000 while in San Francisco working for what became LBi Digitas and now works mainly in financial services sector for the consulting unit of the giant Indian IT company, Infosys.

    Presentation Title:

    Making sense of the increasingly complex digital enterprise

    Presentation Synopsis:

    What do we mean by ‘digital enterprise’ and how do we get things done in an increasingly complex and inter-dependent enterprise IT landscape?

    The amazingly fast pace of change in technology is creating a tidal wave of disruption across industries. There appear to be few limits to what technology can do today and no limits for tomorrow.

    Amidst all this excitement and opportunity its vital that corporations keep things simple if they are remain grounded and in control of their own destiny.

    It’s therefore important to develop models of what needs to be done, how it might be done and who is going to help it get done. Such models need to account for people, processes, technology, data and customers.

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