Regina Reulbach- Commercial Development Manager at INSIGHT

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    Big Data – Where is the value?

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Data is everywhere. Sources are endless and data is growing massively on a daily basis. Though what data should I collect and why? This presentation will highlight opportunities, which derive from collecting the right data, analysing it and making better informed decisions. This creates value for people, business and government in a data-driven society.

    Practical examples of industry-research collaborations from the Insight Centre of Data Analytics will be shown. Insight is Ireland’s research centre for novel research in data analytics funded by SFI.

    Speaker Bio:

    Regina Reulbach is the Commercial Development Manager in Insight Centre for Data Analytics, Ireland’s best funded research centre creating a data driven society. Working in the intersection of industry and research, she is supporting industry partners to leverage innovative technology from research, to make better informed decisions based on data.

    Formerly, she was profit and loss responsible for consumer products in ICT and Healthcare. In various roles she was leading products across the complete lifecycle, from road map planning to product definition to phase-out.

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