Peter Gillis – Communications Lead and Researcher, Technology Enhanced Learning

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    Speaker Bio:

    Peter is a member of the research team at Learnovate, the TCD hosted research centre for technology enhanced learning. He holds a first class honors degree in Psychology, the focus of his research was cognitive theory of multimedia learning. Peter has also earned an MSc in Technology Enhanced Learning at TCD. His research interest is the interaction between motivation and technology enhanced learning.

    Peter has over two decades commercial experience in the multimedia industry, he was Managing Director of one of the first multimedia agencies in Ireland working with clients in Ireland and the US.

    Presentation Title:

    Building a successful innovation ecosystem in Ireland – the EdTech story

    Presentation Synopsis:

    How Ireland is building on over 30 years of success in learning technologies to build a world-leading innovation ecosystem. Exploring investment in public-private partnerships are driving growth and competitive advantage for Irish learning technology companies – from start-ups through to established SMEs and multinationals.

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