Paul McCann- CDG Brand

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    Luxury Brands, can we learn from them?

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    Creativity is not a learned behaviour, it takes talent, imagination and self-belief. Engaging people through emotions, superior workmanship, and a luxurious aura is an art in itself. Branding goods and services delves deeper past wealth and opulence.

    Speaker Bio:

    27 years of working in the brand and graphic design industry, with a Masters in Professional Design Practice and currently researching a PhD in Design Innovation in NUIM Paul Mc Cann embraces the brand design industry with gusto and fervor. He has demonstrated that brand design has come of age and that digital brand design is now part of mainstream business in Ireland with the ability to thrive and innovate. With Paul at the helm, CDG has grown to be one of Ireland’s leading full service design agencies with an enviable portfolio of clients across the world including University of Toronto, Canon, Microsoft, Pan Asia Group, Airsynergy, RTE and Vodafone Group. Shortlisted for the Ernst & Young entrepreneur of the year and many other design accolades he shows that determination, innovation and persistence brings reward. Paul is a well-respected designer in his own right and has lectured and talked at seminars on branding and entrepreneurship in Europe, USA, Canada and Asia for his company and university. Paul has shown that you can be both a top class designer and a successful business man and survive recessions as well as thrive on opportunities when presented.

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