Nikolas Pearmine – Partner, Insight & Innovation Director, Black Swan Innovation

    • Nikolas Pearmine – Partner, Insight & Innovation Director, Black Swan Innovation's presentations

    Speaker’s Bio:

    9 years experience working across FMCG, Consumer Electronics and Financial Insight & Innovation. Clients include, Unilever, Mondelez, P&G, Vodafone, Pepsi and Nike to name a few. A founding Partner of Black Swan Innovation, a subsidiary of the Black Swan Group, combining the power of data and people to deliver demand driven innovations for clients, globally.

    Presentation Title:

    Open Source Innovation. The data science of Innovation.

    Presentation Synopsis:

    “ Why do 98% of product innovations fail?”

    Why? Especially when the landscape has changed so significantly; never before have we lived in an age where so many have shared so much, or have we had this information so readily available…

    Harnessing the power of data science and people, we will explore how it is possible to deliver robust innovations and ideas driven by real demand, through the exploration and prediction of trends, shifts in sentiment, and the development of live profiling trackers.

    Using real world data case studies, we will cover how big data can be used to derisk innovation, identify influencers and bring incremental and breakthrough ideas to market faster.

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