Michael Phillips – Director Product Innovation, ICON

  • I am a product manager and eClinical innovation specialist with 12 years IT experience and a biochemistry training. After graduating with a PhD, I spent 10 years working in science and medicine publishing, before moving into IT within the same industry. I combined my background as an editor with my IT skills to help advance business objectives through the development of excellent reporting systems and production tools and processes. Although initially employed as a business analyst at ICON, my clinical informatics skills were soon recognised and I was deployed as the principal technical architect of the company’s innovative clinical informatics platform ICONIK. Recently, I moved up to the position of product manager within ICON’s core innovation team. I am a very creative analyst with excellent communication and critical thinking skills. I am an effective team player, and my well developed client relationship skills and management experience help me to collaborate effectively with diverse networks, including developers, technical architects, business managers and science and clinical professionals. I am very committed and passionate about everything I do.

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