Michael Darcy – CEO, Hal Software

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    Michael has been CEO of Hal Software (www.hal-software.com) for the last three years.  An Irish company, Hal Software’s “Spike Prototype” product enables customers design how they would like their Industrial Control and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) to work, and how they would interact with other systems, (including those of third parties), using a standards based, non-proprietary framework.  Previous to Hal Software, Michael held senior financial and commercial roles in several technology companies, including Cable & Wireless and The Now Factory.  Michael has a BComm., an MSc. (Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Process Control) and is a Chartered Accountant.

    Presentation Title:

    The use of prototyping to reduce time, cost and risk in pharmaceutical industrial automation and MES projects.

    Presentation Synopsis:

    The use of prototyping is standard in many industries.  Clay and wooden models of cars are built at every stage of development for everything from conceptual design review to wind tunnel performance.  Websites are rarely designed without the use of prototyping software such as Invision, and software development teams use products like iRise for prototyping. However, prototyping is not commonly used in Industrial Automation and MES projects.  Michael discusses the pros and cons of prototyping these types of projects and shows where these projects can gain from the normal benefits of prototyping e.g. enhanced collaboration, better documentation and the use of standards and models.

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