Menelaos Ioannidis – Director, Lightsource Labs

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    Menelaos has over two decades experience in web based software development and he has created many innovative software platforms in the past. Since 2008 he is working on the IoT for Renewables space and in 2011 created with his team PVSense, the leading large scale solar monitoring platform in the UK. He joined Lightsource early in 2015 as the Head of Monitoring and now he is leading the new innovation venture of Lightsource based in Dublin.

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    Shaping the new energy space

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Lightsource Labs is the innovation arm of Lightsource Renewables. We are developing cutting edge technology for the upcoming transformation of the energy markets. The combination of procumers based distributed generation with smarter grids  along with innovative financing tools create new disruptive business models. Utilities will face competition from many side markets to keep their customers in the residential, commercial and industrial segments of the market. Technologies like solar, storage, EVs, IoT, big data, fast analytics and artificial intelligence are shaping an impressive, fast moving but complex energy ecosystem.  Lightsource Labs is acting as an accelerator for players who are willing to thrive in the new energy space.

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