Mary Cronin – Founder, UpThink Innovation Agency

  • Mary Cronin is the founder of UpThink Innovation agency.  She is an entrepreneur, growth strategist and an innovation catalyst.

    UpThink enables clients to accelerate, transform and scale their businesses.  UpThink has gained a reputation as a trusted innovation partner to corporate clients.

    Mary brings her practical expertise in innovation, developing new scalable business models and integrating frameworks to ensure clients future-proof their businesses. As a Chartered Engineer, technologist and a design advocate, she has a 20-year track record in building large, complex technology systems and teams.  Mary is an international speaker on innovation, entrepreneurship and growth.



    Title: Designing and innovating for the future

    Synopsis: Mary will talk about designing sustainable business models for the future, understanding the ecosystem and navigating the rapidly changing environment.

    • Designing for the future – What are the tools to cope with change, uncertainty and sustainability when creating future business models in an environment that’s rapidly changing?
    • What are global future trends telling us?
    • What have we learned from the “Ecosystems”?
    • What does the design mind-set mean for innovation?
    • How do we apply design to creating future sustainable business models?
    • The future customer – what do we know about them?
    • Are you future-proofing your business?


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