Marianna Kane- Product Designer & Founder of DesignBurst, NUIM

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    Marianna Kane is a product designer with a passion for all elements of the design process. She has a wealth of experience in designing new consumer goods and founded DesignBurst Ltd in 2012 to close the gap between ideas and the market. She took a position in Maynooth University in 2013 as the Department Technician for Design Innovation to share her knowledge and skills with third level students and has since conducted a number of workshops and events to boost creativity across the entire campus. Her professionalism combined with her quirky personality has lead to her building a strong network of businesses and organisations with whom she collaborates to bring ideas to fruition.

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    How to create products that people crave.

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    A lot of time, money and resources get wasted developing products that ultimately end up in a landfill site or stored in a database graveyard. To have successful products we must connect with all of the people who interact with that product over the duration of its life after production. Put down those marketing reports and business forecasts  and cancel the surveys and questionnaires. Learn how to be mindful of peoples desires and implant your ideas into peoples hearts


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