Manuel Saez – Senior Director, Mobile Innovation Center, SAP


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    • Manuel Saez – Senior Director, Mobile Innovation Center, SAP's presentations

    Presentation Title:

    Mobile-centric Digital Transformation powered by advanced data analytics.

    Presentation Synopsis: Hear about how SAP is leading the charge in real-time data driven decision making. Specifically, how mobile-centric scenarios are leveraging real-time advanced predictive analytics to identify non-obvious patterns to predict, and act on, future events.

    Speaker Bio:

    Manuel is Senior Director of the Products & Innovation Industry Cloud Mobility team at SAP in Dublin. He joined SAP in 2011 to setup the Mobile Innovation Center and has since worked on hundreds of innovative mobile prototypes which address the needs of SAP’s customers. The team regularly pioneers the use of new technologies like Augmented reality, 3D visualisation, geo-location services, integrated mobile payments and interactive analytics across a myriad of mobile and wearable devices. Prior to SAP, Manuel worked for Microsoft where he led teams working on web, e-commerce and Windows mobile software.

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