Dr. Karl Thomas – Innovation Consultant, Creatovation

  • Dr. Karl Thomas is an innovation consultant and speaker. Karl holds a Ph.D from Trinity College Dublin and has lectured at Trinity, D.I.T and is currently a course designer and guest speaker at A.I.T in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

    Karl delivers training in Critical, Creative and Innovative Thinking, through www.Creatovation.ie



    Title: Innovative Leading for Leading Innovation

    Synopsis: In 2016, the educated expectation was that it would be approximately a decade before Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot was able to perform a backflip. This expectation was based on a loose timeline determined by the results of testing around the balance and performance of earlier prototypes. Boston Dynamics achieved this goal in 2017.

    Possibility is a parameter determined by leadership.

    Innovation is about pushing boundaries, engaging with failure as a learning opportunity and embracing a diverse range of experiences. Leading innovation requires an evolving skill set, with a strong emphasis on the narrative of collaboration and communication. Traditional, top down approaches to leadership are insufficient when the aim is to facilitate innovation, incremental or disruptive.

    Innovation leaders require a capacity for developing environments conducive to productive creativity. Egoless leading is an absolute necessity for successful facilitation in an innovation space. To achieve disruptive innovation, a ‘leader’ must provide stimulus, inspiration and motivation. True innovators embrace a high rate of change and this requires adaptable and agile leadership.

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