Joe Gibbs – Commercial Development Manager, Lero

  • Presentation Title:

    Impact through Innovation.

    Presentation Synopsis:

    How Lero’s Research is helping to provide innovative solutions to real industry problems in such diverse areas as Smart Cities, Standards Compliance, Cybersecurity, Manufacturing and Financial Services.

    The presentation will give an overview of Lero, The Irish Software Research Centre, how it aligns its research agenda with the needs of its industry partners and what are the possible engagement models for potential new industry partners. It will also give a brief overview of several of the diverse industry related projects that Lero is working on where software play a key part in delivering innovative solutions.

    Speaker Bio:

    Joe is Commercial Development Manager for Lero, the Irish Software Research Centre with overall responsibility for fostering industrial partnerships between research and industry. Joe has over 20 years of experience in managing R&D groups across multiple sites and time-zones in both multinationals and small companies with prior experience of successful research/industry collaboration from both perspectives.

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