James McRedmond- Chief Scientific Officer, Java Clinical Research Ltd

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    Presentation Title:
    Helping drug development with better data in early phase clinical trials.

    Presentation Synopsis:
    Pharmaceutical development is an expensive business, with no drug certain of progressing through the various stages of clinical trials. Java Clinical Research uses sophisticated laboratory procedures to give detailed, targeted data on drug actions and side effects in early clinical studies. This approach can show clinical proof-of-concept, provide pathway or mechanism data, or address potential side-effects in small studies in human subjects. Such data can help with fundraising, study design or regulatory issues before getting to expensive phase III clinical trials.

    Speaker Bio:

    James McRedmond is the Chief Scientific Officer with Java Clinical Research, a Contract Research Organisation that manages clinical trials in the pharmaceutical industry. He holds a PhD in Clinical Pharmacology, with 8 years postdoctoral research experience, and 8 years in clinical research leading Java’s scientific team.
    Java Clinical Research develops and implements customised lab procedures for use in clinical trials, with particular expertise in platelet testing, biomarkers, proteomics and monocytes. Java’s customised lab procedures provide more data about drugs in development, giving clients more specific data on drug effects and helping make better decisions in the drug development process.

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