Gary Mullin – Director, ION Connect

  • Speaker’s  bio:

    Gary is the Managing Director of ION Connect, an innovative Galway based company who work across the spectrum of state organisations, research consortia and SMEs. ION Connect provides an integrated, creative and original approach to bringing your research and innovation to those who matter. We deliver high-impact strategies for dissemination using cost-effective communication tools and methodologies.

    Presentation Title:

    AIM High – Communicating your story to those who matter.

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Leadership shapes your research, and our passion for dissemination makes sure you have the right impact.  At ION we understand audiences may be dispersed and often difficult to reach.  Our AIM methodology shapes your dissemination strategy.  Here we work with you to define your influential audience clusters, visualise the key impacts for each and measure the impact you have on your audience through analytics. This presentation will look at ION’s AIM Model which has three distinct factors for effective dissemination.

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