Eric Robson- Data Mining & Social Computing  Manager, TSSG

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    Driving sustainable food production with Precision Agriculture

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    Over the last number of years, the use of ICT, particularly Internet of Things (IoT) technologies has been strongly advocated for in the area of Agriculture under the umbrella of Precision Farming. Continuous monitoring and automations are the two typical reasons for deployment of an IoT system within a farming environment. It is expected that the use of the IoT increase sustainability of modern farming, ensure its growth necessary to meet the ever growing food demand. Meanwhile, Agri-ICT yet requires further development. Majority of the available systems are siloed solutions, which significantly complicates their on-farm management. At the same time, the amount of data generated by such solutions is often hard for on-farm interpretation due to its overwhelming volume and variety. Typically, understanding of this data requires Big-Data analytics. This talk gives an overview of the research activities carried out by TSSG within the area of Agricultural ICT aiming to both bring the existing siloed solutions together and develop tools to gain intelligent insight from their data

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