Eimear Carroll – Senior R&D Researcher, AnaBio Technologies LTD

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    Ms. Eimear Carroll is an R&D Researcher focusing on the optimisation of oil and probiotic matrix formulations, encapsulation methods and drying protocols. A graduate from the MSc. Molecular Cell Biology with Bioinnovation course in University College Cork and BSc. Biology, Maynooth University she found a passion for bringing science to new and innovative markets. In Cork she discovered a vibrant city with a strong emphasis on bringing academic research to commercialisation in the biotech sector. Eimear joined the team at AnaBio Technologies several years ago to continue to develop her scientific research skills while working at the cutting edge of encapsulation technology development.



    Title: Oil encapsulation; the good, the bad and the smelly!

    Synopsis: The oil encapsulation team at AnaBio develop, validate, commercialise and license targeted ingredient encapsulation systems for oils. We identify critical steps in encapsulation and bring lab-based research to the consumer. To do this we develop methodologies to extend shelf life through the protection of oils and identify future market trends.

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