Dr. Sean O’Hogain – Lecturer, (WIRC) & (ESHI), Dublin Institute of Technology

    • Dr. Sean O’Hogain – Lecturer, (WIRC) & (ESHI), Dublin Institute of Technology's presentations

    Speaker Bio:

    Dr. O’Hogain has been lecturing on the Engineering degree course for 30 years, specialising in water and wastewater analysis. Recent teaching innovations have included courses in sustainability and climate change. Research topics have included Reed beds, design construction and monitoring and Rainwater Harvesting, design construction and monitoring. Research projects included TECSPAR, an EU funded collaboration between three European Institutions and three Latin American Institutions.

    Presentation Title:

    Nature Based Solutions (NBS) within a post climate change environment.

    Presentation Synopsis:

    The circular economy (CE) prioritises the concepts of resource recovery and resilience within water resource management. The CE, operating within planetary boundaries, is waste free and resilient and is by design restorative of ecosystems.  Nature Based Solutions (NBS) can form an integral component of this new approach. A range of case studies in the fields of climate change adaption, water and wastewater treatment, resource recovery and reuse and restoring ecosystems will be presented and discussed.

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