Dr. Paul Pallath- Chief Data Scientist and Director, SAP

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    Mobile-centric Digital Transformation powered by advanced data analytics.

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Hear about how SAP is leading the charge in real-time data driven decision making. Specifically, how mobile-centric scenarios are leveraging real-time advanced predictive analytics to identify non-obvious patterns to predict, and act on, future events.

    Speaker Bio:

    Paul Pallath is the Chief Data Scientist & Director with the Advanced Analytics Organisation at SAP. With over 20 years of experience in Advanced Analytics, Paul has several research publications in the field of Machine Learning & Data Mining in International Journals and conferences and has also invented several patentable ideas. In his current role, Paul works closely with the Expert Analytics, Embedded Analytics, Automated Analytics and Product Management teams.  He has a Master’s Degree in Computer Applications with Gold Medal, and PhD in Machine Learning, both from Indian Institute of Technology.

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