Dr Michael McAuliffe -Researcher, CAPPA Centre

  • Speaker’s Bio:

    Dr. Michael McAuliffe is a postdoctoral research in the Centre for Advanced Photonics and Process Analysis in Cork Institute of Technology and Tyndall National Institute. He obtained his PhD from University College Cork in 2013 before joining CAPPA. His main interests lie in the spectroscopic techniques applied to industrial applications.

     Presentation Title:

    The added value of chemometrics for any industry through enhanced analysis of spectroscopic data.

     Presentation Synopsis:

    Chemometrics is the use of mathematical and statistical methods for selecting optimal experiments and a means of extracting the maximum amount of information when analysing multivariate (spectroscopic) data. This talk will focus on the application of chemometrics in the food and pharmaceutical industry and ways it can support root cause analysis of product contamination through spectroscopy measurements.

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