Dr. Dairine Dempsey – Vice President, Strategic Regulatory Affairs, ICON

    • Dr. Dairine Dempsey – Vice President, Strategic Regulatory Affairs, ICON's presentations

     Speaker bio:

    Dr. Dairine Dempsey is a PhD pharmacist with over 15 years’ experience as a pharmaceutical regulator.  She has held a number of senior positions in the Irish national competent authority for medicines, the Health Products Regulatory Agency (HPRA), where she represented Ireland at the European Medicines Agency,  the European Commission and internationally.   She later provided pharmaceutical consultancy services to pharmaceutical companies & governments in the EU, US & globally, during which time she also led the establishment of Bahrain’s national regulatory agency for pharmaceutical products regulation.  Dr. Dempsey is currently Vice President, Strategic Regulatory Affairs at ICON plc, a global clinical research organisation.

    Presentation Title:

    ‘Innovations and regulations in clinical trials – constraints & challenges’

    Presentation Synopsis:

    The talk will cover an introduction to ICON plc, an international clinical research organisation running global clinical trials on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry, followed by a brief overview of the regulation of clinical research.  Recognising that in modern clinical research there is a significant move towards or at least interest in the use of e-technologies, we will look at an example of an innovative technology developed to facilitate clinical research and review the challenges presented by clinical trials regulations to the successful implementation of innovations in the real world setting.

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