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    Dr. Alan Davy is a Senior Research Fellow and Research Unit Manager at the Telecommunications Software & Systems Group of Waterford Institute of Technology. He is a previous Marie Skodowska Curie fellow, having been hosted Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona before returning to the TSSG in Ireland. He also served as an Assistant Professor at IIT Madras, Chennai. His current research interested include Network Virtualisation, Molecular Communication and TeraHertz Communication. He is currently the coordinator of the H2020 funded TERAPOD Project “ TeraHertz based Ultra High Bandwidth Wireless Access Networks” aiming to demonstrate THz wireless systems with a Data Centre setting.


    Title: Future Data Centres TeraHertz Wireless Capabilities

    Synopsis:  Advances in Terahertz device technology is leading us on a trajectory proliferation of ultrahigh bandwidth wireless links, reaching potentially Terabits per second throughput. This technology can have transformative impact on industries that traditionally disregarded wireless communication as a feasible option due to lower throughput performance in comparison to wired connectivity. This talk will focus on the transformative impact THz wireless links can have on the performance, efficiency and geometric design of Data Centres. Given their relative insensitivity to cost, Data Centres are commonly seen as early adopters of THz communication technology. We will present a motivating need to innovate the Data Centre with such novel ultra-high bandwidth wireless technologies.

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