Denise Manton – Technology Gateway Manager, TSSG

  • Denise is the Technology Gateway Manager for TSSG and her main remit is to drive and facilitate collaboration between industry and TSSG researchers and engineers.  She has led multiple successful projects across technology areas spanning mobile services, cloud computing, pervasive sensing, algorithmic led movement/gait analysis and IoT. Prior to joining TSSG, Denise secured and lead high profile commercial projects both domestic and international for companies predominantly in the Life Sciences sector.



    Title: Applied IoT Gateway –Academia and Industry Result Driven Collaborations

    Synopsis: This presentation will take you inside a number of innovative industry/academia collaborations across five Institute of Technologies in Ireland. Collectively these 5 Institutes of Technology comprise the Applied Internet of Things (IoT) cluster. This cluster works together to provide a comprehensive IoT R&D offering from cutting edge hardware, robotics and wireless networks right through to software enabled AI, Machine Learning, VR/AR, Interactive Multi-media tech and  future network communications.



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