Denise Carthy – Project Manager, IBEC

  • Denise Carthy joined IBEC in June 2016 to manage the development and implementation of new industry led Manufacturing and Polymer apprenticeships. Denise possess over 20 years experience contributing to projects as an engineer, designer and project manager, prior to joining IBEC Denise worked in Dublin City University managing the translation and development of next generation biomedical diagnostic devices. Prior to DCU she joined a nanotechnology start-up company spun out of University College Dublin. Her early years as an engineer were spent working in the manufacturing sector in Ireland where she cut her teeth on design and operation of integrated systems to produce high-quality, economically competitive products. Denise is passionate about apprenticeship reform in Ireland.



    Title: Create a robust talent pipeline with new industry led manufacturing and polymer apprenticeships.

    Abstract: Manufacturing remains a key contributor to Ireland’s economy and provides employment across a broad range of occupations, through from engineering and technology professionals.

    Manufacturing technologies are becoming increasing complex, in many cases, production operators require substantial upskilling on the job before they are suitably trained to work at full capacity in the manufacturing environment.

    As processes become more complex, there is an increased need for a skilled workforce with hands on experience. The current education system provides an opportunity to transfer core knowledge, but knowledge itself will not necessarily make a skilled worker. Because of the nature of apprenticeships, in terms of training on the job the new level 6 and level 7 manufacturing and polymer processing apprenticeships meet the skills gap very aptly.

    Manufacturing and Polymer apprenticeships can help business to compete nationally and internationally by future-proofing their organisation with a well-managed talent pipeline that combines excellent educational qualifications with special on the job training that ensures work-ready people graduate from the programme.

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