Ciaran Coakley – Marketing & Sales Executive, Griffith College Dublin

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    As a marketing and sales executive at Griffith my personal goal is help students find the education that best suits them. I am currently the primary account manager over the design, computing and graduate business faculties. My primary goal is customer acquisition. To achieve this my responsibilities include planning, organising and carrying out the overall marketing strategies for these faculties. I am directly involved in the lead generation and nurturing process via both traditional and digital channels. Traditional channels not only include planning, organising and running events, it also involves pitching to further education institutions and also creating and maintaining relationships with related parties. Digital channels include Email marketing, PPC, social media, multimedia marketing such as course marketing videos. I also carry out SEO, keyword research and PPC activities to further increase website traffic. I am also heavily involved in content marketing for these faculties which includes website content, print content and other various forms of marketing material. Regular reports are carried out in order to keep track of traffic and acquisition that lead to future decisions to improve overall marketing strategy.

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