Cera Selvin – Manager, Solar Energy, ESB

  • Speaker Bio:

    With 15 years experience in the energy sector, working in projects in Ireland, UK, Middle East, Australia and Africa.

    Most interested in low carbon future, energy effiency, renewable technology and the systems needed to support these. Excited by new opportunities for consumers in this “once in a generation chance” to transform how energy is delivered and consumed.

    Technical and commercial roles are very diverse varying across functions and asset classes. (operations and maintenance engineer, Mechanical consultant, Energy efficiency, commissioning manager for new plant, Front office trader, Middle office analyst, Business development manager for renewables, Manager solar energy projects)

    Technologies covered in this time include:

    Gas Turbine, boiler, steam turbine, solar PV, SCR, battery storage, onshore wind, offshore wind, wave energy, tidal stream, tidal lagoon, rainwater harvesting, off-grid solutions, demand side management

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