Breanna Coyle – Training Coordinator, Irish Family Planning Association

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    Training Coordinator working in a sexual health non-profit organization since 2010. Skilled in Training, Facilitation, Sexuality Education, Business Administration IT and Design, Body Therapy, Organic Horticulture, Fine Arts and Costume design. Presently completing a BSc. (Honours) in Applied Psychology from Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology 2018.



    Title: Sexuality and Disability

    Synopsis: Many parents/carers of a child who has a disability/extra support needs fear the time when the child starts reaching the years of puberty. They may also dread the time when their child starts to take an interest in others where intimacy is involved on an emotional and sexual level.

    We all want to protect children from the negative consequences of life, and at this time the whole issue of protecting our children and giving them the space to develop as adults may become all the more confusing.

    Speakeasy Plus© is a programme designed to provide parents who have a child with a disability with an opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and confidence in talking to their child about relationships, sexuality, growing up and keeping safe. By the end of the course parents/carers have reported that they were able to work with the skills, confidence and up to date sexual health knowledge that they needed in order to talk to safeguard their child by openly talking about puberty, relationships and growing up in their own family set up.

    The presentation will explore the topic and the relevance today.

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