Blaine Doyle – CEO, GlowDx

  • Blaine founded GlowDx, with the finanical backing of SOSVentures, to enable global access to diagnostics. A Graduate of both DCA & UCC, B.Sc. in Biotechnology, M.Sc. in Molecular Cell Biology with BioInnovation respectively. He picked up the award of Irelands Best Young Entrepreneur 2015 & is on the verge of revolutionising healthcare in the emerging markets.



    Title: Whats the Point-of-Caring about Diagnostic Data?

    Synopsis: The movement of decentralising diagnostics has progressed signficantly over the last decade and advanced technologies taken from their traditional workflows. This begs the question, can these closer interactions yield more than a patient specific benefit? Here we investigate the economics impacts of disease & how data from point-of-care diagnostics can drive economic benefits.


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