Aoife Braiden- Research Manager, GSI

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    Geological Survey of Ireland Research Programme aims and opportunities towards 2020

    Presentation Synopsis:

    The Geological Survey of Ireland provides key data for researchers in the Earth science community. These data are freely available to academics, industry and the general public through online GSI database systems and include data for geological mapping, marine mapping, soil and streamwater geochemistry, groundwater resources, minerals and raw materials and geohazards.

    The GSI acts as a research performer, researcher funder and research collaborator. It also assists researchers through influencing research policy at a national and international level and shaping research themes and topics in larger programmes such as Horizon2020.

    The new GSI Geoscience Research Programme  (2015-2020) aims to build capacity in the geoscience research community and  will provide funding for excellent geoscience research activities in Ireland. It will also complement and support external Earth science related research programmes.

    In summary, the GSI Research Programme 2015-2020 aims to:

    • Increase quality and quantity of geoscience research in Ireland, focussing on excellent research
    • Integrate geoscience research in Ireland
    • Inform policy through relevant, focussed and effective research outputs
    • Increase society engagement through better understanding of Earth’s resources.

    Speaker Bio:

    Aoife completed her degree in Earth Science in NUI,Galway and a PhD in Palaeobiology in UCD. In 2006 she began coordinating research activities for the UCD Geophysics Research Group. Following 9 years’ experience managing national and international research projects (pre- and post-award), and a qualification in Business Studies, Aoife moved to the Geological Survey of Ireland where she is responsible for managing the Geoscience Research Programme. Her roles includes building collaborations with industry, academia and other research partners, overseeing GSI involvement in large scale national and international research programmes and managing the GSI research funding calls.

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