Alfonso Blanco-Scientific Director of Core Technologies, UCD

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    UCD Core Technologies. Providing the support that you need.

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    The UCD Conway core technologies programme is the most comprehensive and advanced analysis platform for the life sciences and biomedical research in Ireland.

    Our suite of modern genomics, proteomics, cytometry and imaging technologies allows us to offer bespoke project design and seamless analysis across several experimental platforms. As a result, we can deliver comprehensive solutions to challenging research questions for our academic and industrial partners.

    Our staff are highly skilled researchers who will help with all aspects of project planning, execution and downstream data analysis. Their expertise covers the broad range of knowledge and experience that ensures that our clients get the best quality service and the most out of their data.

    Our core technology staff will focus on your research question with a ‘problem solving’ approach to finding the best-fit solution for your particular research needs.

    Speaker Bio:

    Alfonso Blanco is the Scientific Director of the Core Technologies and Director of the Flow Cytometry Core Technologies in the University College Dublin, European distributor and Instructor of ExCyte. Expert Cytometry, Co-Director and founder of the Cytometry Society of Ireland and Councilor of ISAC (International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry).
    Alfonso organizes the UCD Summer School, as well as the ExCyte courses in Europe. He is the co-organiser of several courses such as the Karolisnka Institute Flow Cytometry course or the ESCCA Summer Schools. Involved in the development of CYTOUniversity material and acts as member of the ISAC Educational and ISAC Share Resource Lab Task Forces, as well as member of the European Society of Clinical Cytometry Analysis Website & Communication Committee and ESCCA Membership Committee and Facebook administrator of ISAC, ESCCA and CSI Facebook sites.
    Alfonso Blanco has won the Accuri´s Creativity Awards 2009 “Innovative Applications of Flow Cytometry”, the Irish Laboratory Awards 2013 “Laboratory Staff Member of the Year” and was finalist of the Irish Laboratory Awards 2013 “Educational Laboratory of the Year” and has been selected by ISAC as 1 of the 5 ISAC Scholars 2010-2015.

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