Adrian Kinkaid- CEO, MIP Diagnostics.

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    Introducing nanoMIPs or “Plastic Antibodies”

    Presentation Synopsis:

    This presentation will describe a novel technology for the production of a polymer based affinity reagent: the nanoMIP sometimes referred to as a “plastic antibody”. NanoMIPs are nanostructured polymer particles each imprinted with a single high affinity binding site for the target. They are the next generation of affinity reagents based on established molecularly imprinted polymer science. Additional functional groups such as fluorophores and electrochemical sensors can be added to nanoMIPs without interference with the target binding site.  Being plastic they are very robust and resilient: they do not require cold storage like protein agents such as antibodies and can withstand extremes of pH and exposure to high levels of solvent making them specially suited to home diagnostics and field based testing including environmental and agrichem applications. Virtually any target type is suitable for nanoMIP development from small molecules such as drugs or vitamins, through peptides and proteins to macromolecular structures such as viruses. NanoMIPs are self-assembly polymers which use the target itself as the template to create a complementary binding pocket without being restricted to a base scaffold with concomitant limitations of size and overall shape. Furthermore given that we can develop a new nanoMIP to a given target in as little as two weeks they also offer enviable speed of development.

    Example data from case studies using nanoMIPs will also be presented.

    Speaker Bio:

    Adrian has extensive experience in the life sciences sector, with particular expertise in affinity reagents, including antibodies, affimers and aptamers. He has developed a thorough understanding of the field and considers MIPs as a cost effective and high quality alternative to existing reagents due especially to their robustness and speed of development.

    Prior to joining MIP Diagnostics, Adrian worked as Chief Commercial Officer for Promexus, a protein biotherapeutics company based on affimer technology from Avacta Life Sciences. Before this he was Head of Technology Access and then Strategic Market Development Leader for Abcam, the leading provider of research antibodies.

    Adrian’s industrial experience started with agrochemical and pharmaceutical discovery where he developed a range of different biochemical and cell based assays mainly for high throughput screening applications. Adrian is also a Founding Member of ELRIG (European Laboratory Research and Innovation Group) a not-for-profit organisation that holds conferences and events for thought leadership in the life science and drug discovery communities. Adrian served two terms as Chairman, during which time he established the flagship Drug Discovery event, which is now the leading conference of its kind in Europe.

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